I wrote about feeling like I needed to be spurred into action. As Jene’ said – to know a truth intellectually, yet be unable to act on it.

I wrote it expecting responses that would move me forward. Instead, your voices told me to stay the heck still and be gentle with myself.

I found myself extremely grateful I took the time to write and share, because each of you saw something I did not – a value in waiting just a little longer to act. An okayness with watching just a bit longer.

I sat with it. I more or less meditated on it. I got a visual of my whole life and everything I was wanting to do, wanting to act on and accomplish. Then like some television special effect, in all that chaos of potential, I started zooming in, pinpointing what was most important.

It was the wisdom of what I already knew. Pick something, focus, accomplish. Don’t try to do 20 things at once. Do SOMETHING and do it well. Do it with purpose and focus and it becomes its own little sacred space.

I set aside the thoughts of making money with the etsy store, writing the book, cooking perfect meals, running a mile . . . whatever.

I cleaned our kitchen. We can sit at the table to eat without pushing things over to a side or a corner. The dishes are clean, the trash doesn’t smell. There is room for the four of us who are regularly here to base our mornings – cereal, coffee, meds, water, car keys, uniform hat.

I focused on a single knitting project. Row after row of stitches in long strips that I will weave into a rug. It won’t be perfect, but it will use up a lot of what I have collected in a way that will turn a mess into something useful. (Hello my life metaphor, how are you today?)

It didn’t all get done this week, but I’m pleased with where I am this Saturday afternoon. I found one small step to a routine and I have kept with it. I focused on *A* step, rather than ALL the steps and I’m good with that.