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NaBloPoMo 8 Nov 14

The one where I did a ton of Christmas shopping. I really do like to be able to support the small business, and I like products that are not full of garbage. Enter the Argyle Cosmetics pre sale. I spent about a hundred dollars, it will ship by December 1st, They are amazing products, and I got to support a small business woman I know that hundred dollars is more appreciated.. Read More

NaBloPoMo 7 Nov 14

Why yes, this is Friday’s post on Saturday. I have spent two weeks kind of following the FlyLady concepts of cleaning a house. Additionally, I have figured out the four things that destroy our house when I don’t pay attention. dishes trash floor laundry So every day I hit those four things and then I do the FlyLady weekly things. I have made decent progress on the living room and.. Read More