Why yes, this is Friday’s post on Saturday.

I have spent two weeks kind of following the FlyLady concepts of cleaning a house.

Additionally, I have figured out the four things that destroy our house when I don’t pay attention.





So every day I hit those four things and then I do the FlyLady weekly things. I have made decent progress on the living room and the kitchen.

Now we have two adults, two boys, two dogs, and two cats. My progress? Shot. The boys have pulled out all the dishes, they discovered the room with the closed door that hides the treasures of everything that has no home.

Which, I know the mess is a sign of life, of joy, even. We are happy and active.

But I think I may have a new goal of getting rid of just everything that we don’t totally love. So when things are strung all over the house, it is at least what we want.