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Four years ago today: I started this blog. Three years ago today: My Dad died. (email me for the pwd, or leave a comment below) Two years ago today: I coped with the loss of my dad. One year ago today: I was married to Scout, staying at home with Alex, failing as a housewife, and settled into life for the next 50 years. Today: I am living in a.. Read More

Gym Rat Updates

Okay – Days Nine and Ten were same ole same. I had movies both days that I totally can’t remember. Importantly I hit my +500 each day. Then I left for Utah – Day Eleven – sweating my ass off in the Detroit airport as I ran for my connection all the way through Concourse A *AND* C. Carrying all my luggage (fine, 2 small carry ons, but STILL) Day.. Read More

Gym Rat – Day Eight

Exercise – elliptical level 2 (did level 1 all last week) and then cool down on the recumbent bike. Frakkin planks and bridges (which I SUCK at tyvm) followed by some arm work with the 8 pound weights hanging out. Calories burned – 500+ Movie – Couples Retreat – I may have to get the pay per view just to finish it. It was way better than infomercials and I.. Read More

Gym Rat – Day Seven

Exercise – effing plank, effing bridge, Elliptical, modified pull ups. Calories – 180 ish at the gym, more at home and weekend stuff. I was all proud of myself for doing a round of ab work/crunches etc and then I read Deb Roby’s Useless Exercises Part 1 and sighed. I hate planks, but she assures me that everyone hates either the plank or the bridge (for her it is the.. Read More

Gym Rat – Day Six

Exercise – Elliptical (Got to the gym late and had to haul ass to get the #500 in before the day care closed.) Calories burned – 500+ Music – Haters be damned – I fucking RAN during this song – so it’s good for something!

Gym Rat – Day Five

Exercise – Elliptical, Bike, a touch of abs but they were sore from yesterday, so I did a little arm work with a piddly sadly felt kinda heavy 8 pound weight that was sitting on the floor. Calories burned – 500+ Weight – 185.1 Movie – Yes Man – I would watch it at the gym, unsure I’d pay to rent it. Better than the Guthy Renker informercial. Photos to.. Read More

Gym Rat – Day Four

Exercise – Elliptical, Bike, Ab work (no machines, just on the floor) Calories burned – 500+ Weight – 183 Tech – I tried out the earbud headphones @jenbshaw recommended – The pads were nice, but they still forced themselves out of my ears – both the small and the medium size. I pulled off the padding and used them without and they worked super well. So a win in the.. Read More

Gym Rat – Day Three

Exercise – I tried out the “Women’s Lounge” elliptical but couldn’t handle the Hoda and KLG action – so I moved to the Theatre where I could at least have HOPE of a movie. Didn’t happen. Sad panda. Calories burned – 500+ Movie – See above. Sadly none. There WAS some opera singer who shrieked her soprano parts. Shudder. Song – “Extraordinary” by Liz Phair – cuz I am mutha.. Read More

Gym Rat – Day Two

Exercise – elliptical oh dear deity and then cool down collapse on and hope my heart rate returns to normal on the recumbent bike Calories burned – 500+ Movie – 2012 – Mostly I was grateful they came in and turned off the 4th hour of the Today Show turned into Infomercial. I had no clue what the movie was (took at least 15 minutes for them to flash the.. Read More

Gym Rat – Day One

Exercise – elliptical and then cool down on the recumbent bike Calories burned – 500+ Movie – We are Marshall – eye candy, football and rousing speeches? Perfect workout movie. I sat on the bike and spun for a while just to watch more of it. “We may be behind on the scoreboard at the end of the game . . . but we can not lose.” Word, Matthew, word… Read More