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NaBloPoMo 4 Nov 14

This is what I call a place holder post. No deep thoughts, just a darn near perfect day. I voted and helped vote down Missouri Amendment 3 that would have done awful things to our schools. I got my glasses adjusted so they hurt less. I bought groceries. I had lunch with My Person -Female (aka MPF). Kaiser came home and reported that to tell me about his school day, he would have.. Read More

NaBloPoMo 3 Nov 14

Focus I went through some stuff this summer, I was in a place in life I had been before, and I could not believe I was back in that awful place, my life a wreck and I did not understand why I was being taught these lessons yet again. I escaped here and there from the reality of my situation, but finally what got me through was admitting the hard truths of my.. Read More

NaBloPoMo 2 Nov 14

The importance of having your people. My friend ended a relationship last week. One of those relationships that at one point was “the one”. It obviously wasn’t and when it was clear they were both done, they ended it, but were left with the logistics of ┬áliving arrangements and finances that do not as easily separate just because both people are done. Last night came the confessions … He had cheated on her.. Read More

NaBloPoMo 1 Nov 14

Well. Here it is. A thirty day commitment to doing the thing I love but that I never do, at least not with any regularity. Back in the old days, we all jumped in and just wrote our asses off and loved it. Now it takes NaBloPoMo (affectionately (GoBloMeMoFo, again, by the OG) combined with #OpEleanor to get me going. My computer is fried and I can’t stand blogging from the phone, so.. Read More

The Importance of Knowing Vocabulary Definitions

A few of us got in a heated discussion that stemmed from this article 17 Lies We Need to Stop Teaching Girls About Sex. I say stemmed from, because the antagonist in this discussion/argument/soap box stroke out, may or may not have actually read the article prior to stating her opinions, however it did serve as the catalyst for this conversation. I’m going to put the snippets most relevant to what I want.. Read More

#stitchfixfriday 17 Jul 14 ( Stitch Fix 5 )

I am back! To celebrate, let’s go into the sun! Oh dear, I do declare I may have planted too many sunflowers. Psh. Too many sunflowers, no such thing! I planted EXACTLY the right amount of sunflowers! As far as my eyes can see, they are everywhere! Look at me and my JOY! We got artsy with the pictures and the flowers. I did my best to walk around without my glasses on… Read More


Anxiety is the churning in my stomach that is connected to the tightening in my throat that is connected to the shallow shortness of my breathing that is connected to my whirling thoughts that are rooted in every fear I’ve ever known and failure I’ve ever feared and every imagined monster under every bed in the world of irrational thoughts that whirl through my head and my throat and my stomach and make.. Read More


Is it like this for everyone? Strip sheets on the bed to wash them. Take sheets to washing machine. Discover washing machine has damp clothes from who knows when. Rerun washing machine. Go to put newly washed clothes in dryer. Clothes in dryer. Rerun dryer to fluff. Take clothes from dryer, put clothes in dryer, wash sheets. Fold and put away clothes, fold and put away clothes, dry sheets, decide to not wash.. Read More


Alex has been off with Scout since December 21st. They have run about and touched probably every state in the midwest. Almost two weeks, they will be back tomorrow. Day 14. People ask “oh don’t you miss him?” Well. Um. Not really. I mean, sure, …. no. No, I really don’t. I’ve talked to him once, he told me about a semi truck that had run off the slick road and told me.. Read More

Happy New Year Vision Boards

Vision boards seem to be all the rage. They fit nicely into “The Secret” step of “visualize to materialize”. Knowing that this year is going to bring all kinds of changes, I went ahead and made my own. Of course they aren’t as perfect as I would like, but that’s another challenge for the year – DOING something, even if it won’t be perfect on the first try. This was supposed to be.. Read More

Falling Apart to Come Together Better

That moment when you decide paying the bills should not require a double helping of Xanax. That moment when you realize your yelling has to do with fear of not having enough money and not at all with the issue you’re yelling about. When you decide that a Masters degree, seven years on the internet, decades of writing experience, five years of etsy and crafting experience need to become worth something. Deciding you.. Read More

Facts About Rape Committed By An Air Force Pilot

(Edited January 1, 2014. Since posting this, my site has been hacked three times. Comments on this post are now closed. The purpose of it being here is so Jason Boman’s name is out there where people can find out a version of what happened. I believe this to be the accurate version of what happened, but there are always more than one side to a story. Further searching on the ‘net will.. Read More