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Alex Day 8

Ah, I got sleep, Scout should feel awesome b/c he slept 7 hours last night and then another 5 today – however he says he still feels sleepy. Odd. Alex has started sleeping for decent chunks of time without being held, and there’s a pacifier that he actually likes. Ah things are settling in. Wonder what the next thing will be that we need to problem solve. Perhaps the mystery.. Read More

Alex Day 8

Ah the bliss of 5 hours of sleep followed by a cup of coffee. Today’s goals: Finish the April page in his scrapbook. Bathe and wash my hair. (Before Alex and Sylvia show at 530) Put the warmer upstairs so I can give him mini baths when he gets changed. Right now I think I need to put “eat breakfast” on this list too. Edit: did it!

Alex Day 7

Ah, I had to get plenty of sleep to be able to call HR to deal with insurance. Issue 1 – Adding Alex to insurance (easy) Issue 2 – Changing us to Scout’s insurance (more difficult b/c I was saying we were moving and she thought I was concerned about change of address – had to define terms of ‘no no, moving to the land of vices, no job) Issue.. Read More

Alex Day 6

Pediatrician day. Really liked the guy, he was very good at slow pitching ideas and letting me either catch and return, or catch and pocket for later – an approach that suits me well. Everyone is very impressed with how much Alex has already gained – already back up to his birth weight, which apparently is unheard of in a breast fed baby, and not so much with a formula.. Read More

Alex Day 5

I now give permission to all mothers everywhere to do whatever they want to do with their child. I spent all afternoon and evening yesterday with my formerly happy baby with an uber pissed off baby because I thought it was evil bad to feed him more than every two hours. I thought something was WRONG and OFF SCHEDULE. So I was torturing my baby for the sake of what.. Read More

Alex Day 4

What I’ve learned: All things in the living room are available for DNA sampling: Breast milk and baby boy pee are attracted to two cushions on the couch, the ottoman and the new rug. One cushion and one chair are currently still DNA free – but probably not for long. Action Step: find all towels etc in house and cover all things absorbent with something that can go in washing.. Read More

Alex Day 3

We survived the night – not really sure why we bought a crib though…. I’m apparently the mom who believes with all her heart that if she puts the baby in the crib and leaves the room to go upstairs and actually sleep or something that the breath bandits will come and take the baby’s soul away. And one in the morning isn’t the time to be academic about such.. Read More

41 weeks 4 days

Oh thank God, I’ve had contractions for the last 2 hours. About every 8 and a half minutes or so. I’ve had them laying down, I’ve had them sitting up, I’ve had them while moving around. Seem to have passed the test of “if you change activity do they stop?” Going to go take a bath here in a bit – mostly just so I can shave what I can.. Read More

Two drunks on a final bender

oh yeah, that’s what the trip to Target for pasta sauce and some milk and some peanut butter turned into. Spinal Tap, Veronica Mars S2, Scrubs S2, Friends S8, two different cake mixes, muffin mix, 3 kinds of ice cream, three boxes of jalapeno poppers, more chocolate, mac n cheese, chips, Milanos …. we did get the stuff we went in for – but holy crap all the other stuff!.. Read More

41 weeks 3 days

Ah. By 145pm I’d taken two naps. Not a bad day. I missed out on the 85 degree building at school. No bad there. Scout and I have excavated his toenails in the search for healthy nail bed under what grows on his big toes under the code name of “Toenail”, but “Toenail” is clearly a not so secret undercover agent of the apocolypse, endangering healthy toenails everywhere – namely.. Read More

41 weeks 2 days

Seriously, I’m so pissed off about this that I’m convinced Alex will be born with horns. I hate me, I hate Scout, I hate the baby, the cat has been smart enough to stay away from me so she’s safe from the hate, I hate the grandparents (all of them. Both of my parents have had “lovely” conversations with me today. Serves them right for trying to talk to the.. Read More

41 weeks 1 day

“You will enter a situation in which you have no control.” And here I am. I keep telling Alex that he can either make the choice to come out on his own, or someone will help him. And that I’d rather he come out on his own. I’m so cranky. Scout’s even watching Will Ferrell bloopers on you tube and I can’t manage to find them funny either. It’s hot.. Read More