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NaBloPoMo 16 Nov 14

I’ve never been a hunter, my family didn’t get into it until later in life, so I didn’t grow up with it so much. Fish and frog legs, but not so much deer and turkey. I never like seeing all the dead deer photos, the glassy dead eyes just get to me. This was opening weekend for rifles in Missouri. I didn’t go, but I was awake to my foot.. Read More

NaBloPoMo 9 Nov 14

My sister in law got me into essential oils over the summer, and I have found some great benefits from them. Then came the Ebola virus in the US (never mind that I heard about Ebola for the first time in 1994, now that it affects white peeps on US soil, apparently now we all care.) Then came people making claims that specific blends of essential oils could … Cure.. Read More

NaBloPoMo 7 Nov 14

Why yes, this is Friday’s post on Saturday. I have spent two weeks kind of following the FlyLady concepts of cleaning a house. Additionally, I have figured out the four things that destroy our house when I don’t pay attention. dishes trash floor laundry So every day I hit those four things and then I do the FlyLady weekly things. I have made decent progress on the living room and.. Read More

NaBloPoMo 6 Nov 14

Ugh, friends, ugh. I am old enough that I should be a grown up. I should have a clean house, be able to cook decent meals, develop my creative career that I want. But no. I continue to struggle with routines that keep the house picked up and running well. Meals are a mystery. I have … I will say hundreds, but I know it is more than that, dollars.. Read More

NaBloPoMo 4 Nov 14

This is what I call a place holder post. No deep thoughts, just a darn near perfect day. I voted and helped vote down Missouri Amendment 3 that would have done awful things to our schools. I got my glasses adjusted so they hurt less. I bought groceries. I had lunch with My Person -Female (aka MPF). Kaiser came home and reported that to tell me about his school day,.. Read More

NaBloPoMo 3 Nov 14

Focus I went through some stuff this summer, I was in a place in life I had been before, and I could not believe I was back in that awful place, my life a wreck and I did not understand why I was being taught these lessons yet again. I escaped here and there from the reality of my situation, but finally what got me through was admitting the hard.. Read More

NaBloPoMo 2 Nov 14

The importance of having your people. My friend ended a relationship last week. One of those relationships that at one point was “the one”. It obviously wasn’t and when it was clear they were both done, they ended it, but were left with the logistics of  living arrangements and finances that do not as easily separate just because both people are done. Last night came the confessions … He had.. Read More

NaBloPoMo 1 Nov 14

Well. Here it is. A thirty day commitment to doing the thing I love but that I never do, at least not with any regularity. Back in the old days, we all jumped in and just wrote our asses off and loved it. Now it takes NaBloPoMo (affectionately (GoBloMeMoFo, again, by the OG) combined with #OpEleanor to get me going. My computer is fried and I can’t stand blogging from.. Read More