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Waiting till the last minute: all about the Room 704 Party.

We are Queens of Procrastination here at Room 704, and the lovely ladies we align ourselves with love them some procrastination, too. SO. Without further ado, I present to you: THE OFFICIAL ROOM 704 PARTY PIMPAGE POST (in it’s full glory): DRINKS sponsored by: and And of course, drinks paid for by YOU!!! AWESOME swag from: PLUS MANY, MANY MORE!!! (We can’t give away ALL our surprises! But oh yes!.. Read More

Air travel with a toddler – some friendly advice

This is one of those times where I will work a nerve, along with giving some common sense advice to those unfortunate passengers who have the bad luck to have to sit near that demon of air travel – the active toddler. Rest assured that I am doing my best to keep the active toddler still quiet happy safe out of your personal space all while keeping up with ever.. Read More

Where I make fun of an 80s song

Yes, this is republished, but it’s totally on my greatest hits for comments and searches and completely worth another read. On Valentine’s Day, this song played on the radio, then the DJ came on and called it a “love song for Valentines.” Um. Really? Let’s break it down: “All I Want To Do Is Make Love To You” by Heart It was a rainy night When he came into sight,.. Read More

41 weeks 4 days

Oh thank God, I’ve had contractions for the last 2 hours. About every 8 and a half minutes or so. I’ve had them laying down, I’ve had them sitting up, I’ve had them while moving around. Seem to have passed the test of “if you change activity do they stop?” Going to go take a bath here in a bit – mostly just so I can shave what I can.. Read More

Two drunks on a final bender

oh yeah, that’s what the trip to Target for pasta sauce and some milk and some peanut butter turned into. Spinal Tap, Veronica Mars S2, Scrubs S2, Friends S8, two different cake mixes, muffin mix, 3 kinds of ice cream, three boxes of jalapeno poppers, more chocolate, mac n cheese, chips, Milanos …. we did get the stuff we went in for – but holy crap all the other stuff!.. Read More

41 weeks 3 days

Ah. By 145pm I’d taken two naps. Not a bad day. I missed out on the 85 degree building at school. No bad there. Scout and I have excavated his toenails in the search for healthy nail bed under what grows on his big toes under the code name of “Toenail”, but “Toenail” is clearly a not so secret undercover agent of the apocolypse, endangering healthy toenails everywhere – namely.. Read More

41 weeks 2 days

Seriously, I’m so pissed off about this that I’m convinced Alex will be born with horns. I hate me, I hate Scout, I hate the baby, the cat has been smart enough to stay away from me so she’s safe from the hate, I hate the grandparents (all of them. Both of my parents have had “lovely” conversations with me today. Serves them right for trying to talk to the.. Read More

41 weeks 1 day

“You will enter a situation in which you have no control.” And here I am. I keep telling Alex that he can either make the choice to come out on his own, or someone will help him. And that I’d rather he come out on his own. I’m so cranky. Scout’s even watching Will Ferrell bloopers on you tube and I can’t manage to find them funny either. It’s hot.. Read More


I’m a pretty intervention free kind of pregnant woman. Alex has till 840am on Tuesday before the gentlest of the medical type interventions begin. So if you’d wanna say a prayer or whatever that this boy decides he wants out between now and then…. In the words of Bill Lumbergh – “That’d be greeeeeaaaat.” On the flip side of the medical interventions are those we can try at home. Nipple.. Read More

First Day Home

I think I’m nesting. But not in a clean the house kind of way, in an I never want to leave the house kind of way. I just want to stay home, read a book, stretch, relax, nap… I’m living the life of Tavish. I’m doing nothing, and it’s everything I thought it could be.

Last Day of Work

I didn’t know when I went to bed last night that today would be my last day of work. But when I got in the car this morning with Scout to go to work (late). I knew. When I walked into work. I knew. While I was reading the end of a book to my 5th hour class. I knew. While I was reading that book something shifted in me,.. Read More


I’ve been crampy for a couple of hours. I’m sure it’s just wishful thinking…. but wouldn’t it be nice….