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The other rock bottom

(This is a compensated post, but it is on topic from what I’ve been talking about this week.) My second year of teaching was awful. It was also my first year married to Scout. We were unhappy in our jobs and unable to be happy about anything else. I’d been feeling the stirrings of depression. The claws sinking into my life. The corners of the house becoming more and more.. Read More

Air travel with a toddler – some friendly advice

This is one of those times where I will work a nerve, along with giving some common sense advice to those unfortunate passengers who have the bad luck to have to sit near that demon of air travel – the active toddler. Rest assured that I am doing my best to keep the active toddler still quiet happy safe out of your personal space all while keeping up with ever.. Read More

Rescue Etiquette

Umm, hi… **nervously popping in…** This would be my first attempt at guest blogging, so please be kind. I feel like I’m hosting a party at someone else’s house, so please, keep the food and beverages in the kitchen. My name is RC and I am a work-outside-the-home mom.?Ǭ†(Gosh that sounded kind-of like a confession…) My home, where I will allow all the adults to eat and drink in the.. Read More

This is Why I Hate Bitches

This is a guest post by VDog from VDog & Little Man. I’m one of those girls that has always been better friends with guys. (Hey, you don’t get a nickname like VDog from hanging out with chicks.) Always had more guy friends, always felt more comfortable around dudes. Why? I don’t trust bitches. Or maybe it’s that they don’t trust me. I don’t know. Either way, me and the.. Read More

Technical assistance … help

Dear reader, I love my iPhoto, but today it’s being an (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted). As you can tell, my header is different, since it is the Kaiser’s 5 month birthday, I thought I would post a new header photo. For some reason when I crop it to constrain to 770×200 it makes it LOOK like it’s doing it, however it’s still full pixels, which means when I post it.. Read More

Home Again Home Again

Jiggety jig. Home Again, Home Again, I ate like a pig. No, seriously. I ate my weight in … whatever I could get my hands on and then I had drinks too! Thanks for sticking around and playing while I was gone – I have tons of comments to reply to, an interview to send out …. AND …. I have great bra stories! My bra shopping has a happy.. Read More

Keepin’ the spark alive

Excerpt from a recent email conversation btw Scout and I (italics are my commentary) Me: Call Kaiser’s old pediatrican’s office and see what you need to fax for release (I then supply numbers like a good wife.) Alex tinkled on the big boy potty. (Yes, we already put the baby on the potty – I’m home all day, it breaks the monotony of the diapers.) Scout: Called pediatrician.?Ǭ† Got answering.. Read More

Anonymous Anonymity

Yeah, say that one four times fast…. I’ll wait… 🙂 Ready to get some stuff off your chest but you don’t want the entire world knowing it’s you saying it? Go check ‘er out and get your stories started 🙂

Kiss me Kate

Alex was supposed to be Kate. Katelyn Emilee to be exact. I come from a matriarchal (sp?) sort of family and I always pictured myself with a girl. It’s a DNA thing, much like men want to pass on the family name – I am the last female in my family – you have to go back to my great great grandmother to start down a family branch to find.. Read More

Why I love my mommy

Now I fully admit that I’m ready to be on my own without anyone who fits the role of grandmother around. Any grandmother. But I still appreciate that when the going gets tough that my mom has my back. From distance. My email to mom: tell me i will make it. i resorted to half slamming a door tonight after Scout and i spent THREE hours trying to settle alex.. Read More


Oh yeah. The Real Slim Shady made Alex stop screaming and start listening. We went from that to Liz Phair to Skynard to Mazzy Star. Wonder what’s next.

New Career

Well, as of 11am today I am no longer a teacher but a stay at home mom. Aka SAHM. Made it through with a minimum of tears, and those were only with Scout and only briefly, when I got home last night from being out with the nearest and dearest for my first post pregnancy drink(s). He asked if I’d had fun. I said yes. I shed my few tears.. Read More