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Air travel with a toddler – some friendly advice

This is one of those times where I will work a nerve, along with giving some common sense advice to those unfortunate passengers who have the bad luck to have to sit near that demon of air travel – the active toddler. Rest assured that I am doing my best to keep the active toddler still quiet happy safe out of your personal space all while keeping up with ever.. Read More


(get your mind out of the gutter) I’ve been tweaking the site, I think I’ve been feeling bored since I’m not going under major blog upheaval like Lotus and Veronica and Hotfessional and Heidi and E. Minor adjustments like color and font. I did make the page wider, which, with my luck will now be just slightly annoying to everyone – if anything is jacked up for you that wasn’t.. Read More

The right words

(Anyone with child – you might want to skip this post.) I found out this week that my cousin miscarried her baby. I found out through a cryptic email from my Dad to the family asking everyone to pray for cousin and her husband. I confirmed with Deacon what had happened – but there was more to it. Twins. She lost twins. My cousin and I aren’t close. Truth be.. Read More

On My Own

Pretending Scout is in the next room. All alone, I watch the baby twitching ….So Scout is back in MN for a few days and I am solo flying this parenting thing. I kept today low key as I destroyed morning nap by waking him twice getting him out of the car. I also started bath routine at 645 instead of 800 b/c I knew I was eitehr going to.. Read More

First steps

Not Alex – mine. Today I drove in the land of vices for the first time. I did not get lost. I did not cuss. I found the local co-op grocery store, I found THE most awesome Craftsman inspired furniture store where I mentally spent more than the balance left on my car, I found Scout’s office, I got rained on. I found the first thing about the land of.. Read More


Here we go. We spent three days travelling to the land of vices. Two days looking for a house. Tonight we bid on an awesome house too expensive but we’ll figure it out. Tomorrow Scout starts at the office so we are now beginning the new normal. Alex still wakes up if not held/kept close while he sleeps. We keep trying to help this change, we just haven’t been able.. Read More

On Love

Last night my brother bought us dinner from Heaven on Seven. Generally known as the place Scout and I could eat every day until we die – and only available in Chicago. We planned dinner a week in advance. I had left overs, which is a joy of HoS because you get the love twice. So we got on the road today, leftovers sitting beside me, fresh from the fridge… Read More


Traveling with tiny baby Alex is rough. He’s not fan of the long trip. He cried so much yesterday that he’s still hoarse today. Poor boy. The good thing is that we all slept like rocks last night.

Value of money

There is not enough monry to make me go back to work full time. I’m gonna take all my degrees and raise my boy.

Experiment of the Day

So I have been reading about babies. Specifically about sleep. I went to BN yesterday and got Susannah and Trinny books, Touchpoints, and the Pantley sleep book. Alex has that shit screaming session in the evening that is just NOT fun. So. 1. Brazelton says the majority of the babies in his practice have that evening scream-a-thon and that he thinks it’s a neurological rebooting of some sort. Basically, if.. Read More

Mini Me

What looks like Scout, sleeps like me, doesn’t sleep me, eats like me, likes clothes like me and likes the same textures as me? My Mini Me! And I thought I had to have a girl to have a Mini Me. Crazy talk. The lessons just keep on coming.

One month

So to celebrate Alex’s one month birthday, his daddy and I are going to counseling. Hm.


Hm. It seems that my postpartum blues/depression may be emerging in a way I hadn’t anticipated. I’ve expected to end up back on the happy pills, something which actually seemed to comfort the terrific discharge nurse I had in the hospital. She and I were already seeing eye to eye and when she started the postpartum depression spiel I told her I already had a history of depression, and that.. Read More