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The Sunday Meme

Got tagged. 4 Jobs I have had: Volunteer counselor at summer camp Shoe sales Lingerie sales Work study in a college office 4 Movies I love to watch over and over: Zoolander Anne of Green Gables Steel Magnolias Singles 4 TV shows I enjoy watching: Get Color (my HGTV fix) Saturday Night Live (on DVR only so I can ffwd the ones that suck and go on too long Grey’s.. Read More

Sleep Training, by Amy

Mommy will get back to the foody goodness later – Tuesday was non stop rain, crabby baby mommy, me loving my mommy so much that she got nothing done, and going slowly crazy from our rain imposed entrapment in the house. Amy hijacked her mommy’s email last week and sent me this. I’m so glad to see babies around the globe working together for the betterment of our parents. Sleep.. Read More

Word of the Day

Isn’t it great how some words just make you giggle? I have a friend who is incapable of keeping a straight face if you say the word ‘jism’ to him. I have another friend who is totally creeped out by both ‘crevice’ and ‘moist’ – to which, I of course just say “put your hands together my friend” and taunt with the ‘moist crevice’. The moist thing has even come.. Read More

I love y’all

I do, it’s true. Here’s Proof One: I *cleaned* for you. And Lisa is right – of course I had a method. Of course I did. But just so no one is feeling all tight of breath over my system, I have rearranged it for you. And no. No you may not ask to see the “Desktop” folder. *** Here’s Proof Two: Seriously. Thank you, each of you, for commenting.. Read More

Desktop meme

I got tagged by Kelli and Veronica for the desktop meme – Here ya go … That’s our first child Tavish, and there’s all my files that are all over the place. I’m tagging Jennifer and Ewokmama. And anyone else who wants to do it too… (Ten Steps for Creating Breast Health)

That contest…

Remember the one? I used the Integer Generator at random.org – there were 21 comments so I had it pick 1 number between 1 and 21. The first number it spit out was one of my own comments, so I had it select again – and it gave us … the number… 1 Congrats Veronica, and thanks your advice for my girl. Shoot me an email with your postal address.. Read More

Blog Housekeeping

Guh, I’m going to have to beg for your patience. Please. I’ve been “under the weather” today. I had to call Scout home from work because I couldn’t peel myself off the bathroom tiles (So!Cool!So!Comforting!). I’d closed all the doors to the upstairs rooms and closed the baby gate at the top of the stairs. I put Alex in the hallway and he spent 40 minutes playing with a cat.. Read More

Identity Crisis Solved!

(Stolen from here D=Me, S=Scout) 1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet & current car) D: Kat Impala S: Snoopy Ram 2.YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (fave ice cream flavor, favorite cookie) D: Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip S: Cookie Dough Molasses 3. YOUR ?¢‚Ǩ?ìFLY Guy/Girl?¢‚Ǩ¬ù NAME: (first initial of first name, first three letters of your last name) D: Dsch (Okay, that totally reads like “douche”. Unfunny. Wait, why am I.. Read More

Meme part 3 (with bling!)

Hotfessional tagged me for another Meme. This one is Four by Four. So, here goes: 4 Jobs I’ve had High school special ed teacher, Arts and Crafts director at a summer camp, Proofreader (did I spell that right?), 4am preload shift for RPS (now FedEx) 4 Movies I could watch over and over American Pie Down with Love Grumpy Old Men Serenity 4 TV Shows I watch Grey’s Anatomy Sesame.. Read More

Go read this

Laughter is a healer – read this – I challenge you to not laugh. Scout is currently shaking the bed from laughter.

Meme Part Two

Same rules apply as last time 🙂 I got tagged by Doodaddy for this 10-question meme. 1. What were you doing ten years ago? I was teaching 3rd grade, Scout and I were in a weird place in our relationship (again), I’m pretty sure this is the week I had a bladder infection so bad I was convinced the middle of Hell had taken up reference in my body (and.. Read More

Fantasy Island

Veronica got me all dreamy today, so I thought I’d write a little story of a fantasy day. I woke gently, to the sound and smell of fresh rain. The room was slightly cold, but not too much. I snuggled closer to Scout, as he held baby Kaiser gently in his arms. He shifted against me and we fell asleep for a snooze in our comfortable, little boy pee free.. Read More

Meme tag

* Mr. Lady at Whiskey in my sippy cup answered my interview questions, and OMG is she funny. She even pays homage to my boobie fascination, go check her out and give her some love. I got tagged by Jennifer for my first meme. I think blog meme’s are fun for two reasons: 1) I don’t care if it’s supposed to rhyme with ‘dream’, I always read it me-me –.. Read More