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The new face of friendship

Okay. So thats not really the right title but its as good as it will get. I want to get back to writing so very much but my focus has completely shifted. I really got rolling on the blogging when i was attached to the tiny human 24 7 and the friends in the computer kept me sane Six (seriously. Six) years later and i know how to find you. You.. Read More

Entering a new era

Omg. Have a real smartphone and i may just be able to blawg again! (Apologies for the lame post trying to make it work)

The First Post of the New Year

On December 14th, 2012, my heart broke for my Victoria. Apparently my door was to blame.  I’ve done a lot of pondering since that day. The louder the outside world has gotten, the more I have retreated into myself. I’ve come to a couple of conclusions. 1. None of us want to feel helpless. 2. None of us want our lives to be controlled by someone else. As far as.. Read More

January 5, 2013

“I will have to have shifts at the fire department. When I am older, I will miss you, so I will have to have shifts. They can drop me off in the firetruck here so I don’t have to miss you and you don’t have to miss me. So I will tell them that I work there but I have to come home to you so we don’t miss each.. Read More

Seeing the Joy

Last night I spent too much time on Pinterest, I spent too much time looking at pictures of perfection and the comparison between the perfection and my abs, my makeup, my hideously messy house, my stacks of clean laundry – Well – I got a little tight in the chest and clutchy in my breath. I’ve been trying to figure out the now and the next. I’ve been trying to.. Read More

Right Next

I wrote about feeling like I needed to be spurred into action. As Jene’ said – to know a truth intellectually, yet be unable to act on it. I wrote it expecting responses that would move me forward. Instead, your voices told me to stay the heck still and be gentle with myself. I found myself extremely grateful I took the time to write and share, because each of you.. Read More

Right Now

Do you ever wonder how many times you will have to be hit over the head with a lesson before you choose to learn it? This is where I am right now. Back in April, my friend Carrie sent me to a site with guided meditations, specifically because there was one about opening my heart to love that she thought would help me. Night after night I would pick one.. Read More

#BlogHer12 Days 1 and 2

I left my house at Oh Wow It is Early on Wednesday morning. Carrying Alex’s Chiefs Backpack as my carry on. I arrived in New York for BlogHer12 at noon. Amazing Photographer Lotus and I sat in the bar, eating 25 dollar small plates of food and drinking 15 dollar drinks. (Red Wine and Vodka Gimlet respectively.) Avitable, Greis and Amalah and her husband met up with us. I dropped a.. Read More

How to protect yourself

Out of all the information about gun control, second amendment rights, comfort level with different weapons … the thing I took away as the most useful tidbit was “carry a flashlight”. I used to have one, but I don’t know where it is (Sorry Scout). After reading about non lethal self defense methods – I decided flashlight was a good first line of defense. (Click the link, it will give.. Read More

Who has your back?

I grew up in a world where Mom only locked the doors if we were going to be gone for more than one overnight. Dad left a spare key out where we could find it if we needed it – and that was to the business and the house. I grew up in tiny villages (300 people) to small towns (5000 people) to a college town (18K – with all.. Read More

Still throwin’ down over panties.

I’m still throwing down with you about getting the ugly out of your life. Knickers and all. That underwear drawer was a starting point for me. I keep thinking of you while I wander stores. I know Amanda got rid of the ugly and found that a week without kids is a good reason to get back to, ahem, basics, with her husband. You can get new, black, non ugly.. Read More

A challenge: NO! More! Ugly! Knickers!

I am throwing down with you RIGHT! NOW! Thanks to my darling new NuvaRing, I am on day FIFTEEN of my super special girly time. Yay laser ring! I have seen my entire rotation of monthly underwear. Not, of course, the kinky fuckery, lacy pretty stuff for show and moan, but the … other stuff. I’m here to tell ya. Screw all of that. I’m putting my foot down ….. Read More