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Bloggy Giveaways Carnival at kaiseralex.com

We have a winner! Qtpies7 for the PC and Kimberly for the Mac! Welcome to kaiseralex.com! Here we go – for one Mac User and one PC User – we have some BlogHer Swag just for you! The PC Swag bag contains: 1 Scholastic bag, 3 samples Bath and Body Works products, Norton 360 for PC, Embrace Your Grace Tshirt, Macy’s coupon, chocolate, Dentaburst stuff, TNT DVD, Kinderprint kit, 2.. Read More

BlogHer – Thursday Par-tays

Photo goodness for your Friday enjoyment! (Tiny announcement at the bottom.) Our flight was uneventful. Alex yet again was a spectacular flyer, and apparently Delta doesn’t care how he old he is either. We got downtown, got settled in our room at the Westin, and got hooked up with VDog. As I rode in the elevator to meet her, I was between a rather gruff looking guy and a perfectly.. Read More

Hair – On a very special BlogHer recap

One good thing about the BlogHer conference is that it prompted me to get off my ass and actually remember the whole Hawtalucion. So I went on a journey of hair proportions. I asked your advice and the majority said EXTREME MAKEOVER DAWN’S BLOGHER HAIR EDITION. I did NOT want the Rachel. The entire time in the chair, as I watched hair fall, I had two thoughts that jump to.. Read More

A couple of props to a couple of BlogHers

This is short cuz I’m tired and all. But I keep thinking about how much I loved hearing Mr. Lady’s voice reading her words at the Friday night keynote. Even though it hurt, even though I get it a little too well. She got a standing O when she was finished, and she completely deserved it. Click here to read about her Leap of Faith. And then Casey read The.. Read More

Pre BlogHer Haze

Oh it’s a great haze. Got up at 230am Cali time after getting 3 hours of sleep. Flew with hubs and tiny toddler tornadocane. Made it to the hotel and fell down exhausted in gratitude of checking in early. (Will link later – as in – when I’m not drunk on free booze.) Have hugged VDog and given her bras. Have bonded with No Watch Me Christine. Have contemplated throwing.. Read More