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Retail therapy

For Alex     (Spent 84, saved 91, now have shoes in sizes 4, 4.5, 6, 6.5)   but more importantly…   thanks to Cookiebitch and her shoe shopping expertise …   and Project Visibility       Bling by Dawn at Growing a Pair Out with the old …     and in with the new!   and 60% off!   (Have you posted your Hawtalucion challenge of the.. Read More

Answers – 6 truths and a lie

1. I have never owned a dog. TRUE. I am a cat person. I have been owned by 3 cats in my life. Dogs? The barking hurts my ears. 2. I have spent the night in a funeral home. TRUE. My grandparents owned a funeral home, my dad also owned a funeral home. There were apartments upstairs where we lived. And no, I have never seen an episode of Six.. Read More

6 truths and a lie

I was tagged for Seven Things by Kelly at Mom of 6 Malloy Boys and I finally feel squirrley enough to give it a try, top it with getting tagged for Six Random Things by Cookiebitch I knew it was time to cough up some interesting stuff. But in the spirit of Avery Gray, I will be doing it in the form of 6 truths and a lie, and you.. Read More

Weekly Winners

Week Ten of Lotus?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢ weekly winners meme. Click the link to see more participants! Project Visibility I had to dig out a belt. I had to use something that was NOT the last hole. Awesome. This made me so saucy that I went ahead and painted my nails – even though they aren’t perfect! It’s all about the baby steps 🙂  

Showin’ off on Saturday – Part Deux

Last week’s challenge of trying something new brought in Lotus and Cinn – and heck, I can provide chocolate for two if ya’ll send me the mailing address so I can get the chocolate to ya mm kay? Thanks millions for playing with me 🙂 This week’s challenge is brought to you by the Hawtolucion. bling by Dawn 2Pair (grab it for yourself!) (or do you want me to give.. Read More

Search results

All the cool kids do it, (you know, Veronica, Marie (in the sidebar)) so I figured I’d list the recent weird searches that have hit this site. 1. oxygenated cleaners pee toilet caulk. Oh person from Little Rock, Arkansas – did you find what you were looking for here? 2. “your poor balls” I can only assume they found this one. 3. “Done with Mr. Right Now” well amen whoever.. Read More

Eighth Annual Weblog Awards

Alternate Titles: The One Where I Stick My Foot in My Mouth How to kick yourself in your own ass in one simple blog entry ** Holy cow people. So I was “randomly selected” to vote on random categories of nominations for the 2008 Bloggies. I click open my ballot and scan through the categories I’m responsible for: Best Art or Craft Blog – totally up my alley, check! but.. Read More

Weekly Winners

Week Nine of Lotus?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢ weekly winners meme. Click the link to see more participants! A Boy and his Cat – Part Zwei Alex, I miss you! Let me out! Dude, no … I’m am totally underwhelmed with my first time in the grass. Tavish! I miss you! Let me back in!

Showin’ off on Saturday

(Not sure what’s going on? Here’s the links to the two posts about Showin’ off on Saturday) Here we go! My new thing was figuring out how to work Mr. Linky (still sounds dirty), which I did figure it out, and I also figured out it cost money, and my old thing is that I’m a Cheap@$$ and since I wasn’t planning on changing that this week, just post in.. Read More

P0rn at school – bad idea

I occasionally miss my former job. Like days when the Kaiser is still in the process of going down for his second nap of the day when it. is. time. for. bed. oh. mah. gaw. So, now for something completely different. A story from the vault of my teaching days. (Written in present tense, but it happened last year.) I wonder why kids think I’m stupid. Tuesday I had my.. Read More