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Weekly Winners

Week Eight of Lotus?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢ weekly winners meme. Click the link to see more participants! With all the driving and sick and crazy, I don’t have any photos I took to be able to share, but I did get these this week and I thought they were winners, hopefully Lotus won’t kick me out. My grandpa. I think this was taken in 1946 so he would have been 33 years old… Read More

Showin’ off on Saturday – 1

Okay. Here it is. We have 2 pieces of bling – one provided by Three Ring Circus And one provided by Hotfessional. Now, you’d think that the first time I invited everyone over to play together that I’d have it together for everything to work, right? Sigh. I had this grand idea of making a toy for Alex and then showing it off because I’m so cool and thrifty and.. Read More

Haiku Holiday

      one new baby girl two hospitals visited three mamas nursing – four generations five hundred miles to get there six loads of laundry – seven meals in car eight food regurgitations nine sick with the plague – ten body fluids eleven presents unwrapped twelve hundred miles done

Back Home

We drove over some rivers and through some woods and some scary ass snow all to get home so Scout could go to work – only to get home and find out the state is shut down for weather. So he popped a beer and said eff it. I’m sitting here watching the reader flash the dreaded 1000+ tally at the top of the screen …. Okay, I deleted some.. Read More

I <3 your blog!

I got some new bling and wanted to pass the love around. Veronica sent this lovely my way: Which originated here at Magneto Bold Too. I’m passin’ this bad boy on to: Jackie MomChatter Ewokmama L-Squared Natalie Kelly O Now go forth and multiply the Less than Three! Happy Saturday – and remember next Saturday is the new year kick off Showin’ off on Saturday!

No follow / Search engine / Site Adviser

Question: Anyone know anything about McAfee Site Adviser? Is this something that those of us who are self hosted should be buzzing about, or is it a bunch of blah? So I’ve seen the “you comment, I follow” tags before, but I just found out what all that was about – I figure I can’t be the very, very last person on the planet to understand it, so I will.. Read More

Who would I be?

Thank you everyone for all your thoughts on the blogrolling thing last week. I learned that blogrolls are used for props, in place of readers (like g00gle or bloglines), are dusty and forgotten, are reciprocal, are advertising, are awesome, are overlooked, and that Ron was a model and Adamick is a pervy stalker. Wait – one of those things I already knew…. The whole high school analogy started in my.. Read More

Christmas and Vibrators and Lingerie

Oh yeah baby! Mitch McDad sparked the memory – I have to give in and tell the stories. — It was the first Christmas Eve that Scout and I spent together. We sat round the table eating dinner, and I had just sunk my teeth into a cookie when his mother said: “We were halfway through Iowa when we realized we left the vibrator at home!” Now, I like a.. Read More

Showin’ off on Saturday

So. I’ve been known to share some of the cooler things I’ve been able to pull off … which I realized might just be construed as … showin’ off. And showin’ off alone isn’t NEARLY as much fun as showin’ off with your friends. (Right Ivy?) So, here’s my brainchild – Whenever I find something to show off about, I’m gonna invite YOU to show off with me too. I’ll.. Read More

7 things + Christmas Hoopla

I figure when I get tagged twice, I gotta do it. For Carrie and for MP, here I go. 1. I have the coolest Secret Blogger Santa ever. Go say hello to her. Now… I’ll wait. 2. While I go insane at the whole “politically correct” arena, I think people who use the word “retarded” and don’t know the actual common criteria of diagnosis of it must be a little.. Read More