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In Friday’s post, in the first line I called my friend “Elizabeth” and then put “(snicker)” next to it. My friend’s name isn’t Elizabeth, it’s Betsy. I called her Elizabeth for two reasons. 1) I was writing about her personal business on my public blog. I wanted to give her the option of using her own name. Since she used her name in the comments, I’ll use it here. 2).. Read More

Blogger comments…

Go check out a Blogger site – now there are options to use all kinds of logins (typepad, wordpress etc) to leave comments … wtf mate? edited: and an hour later it’s back to the shat-tastic it’s been for the last week.

Enough – Part Three

So I was out returning baby stuff that we were never going to use (104 dollars worth of stuff that Babies R Us took back, they have a great return policy and since I arrived at the counter saying “I’m the jerk without a receipt, I will appreciate anything you can do for me” they were really nice to me too.) I walked by somewhere and thought OMG! Must! Buy!.. Read More

WordPress Help

Since all y’all are jumping to WordPress, I figured I’d shoot ya my best resource for help. (I wasn’t holding out on you, I just figured it was easier to post rather than email all of you.) Do a search over there for WordPress and go nuts.

Weekly Winners – Photos

Week Four of Lotus?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢ weekly winners meme. Click the link to see more participants! First Snowfall (Over in the corner, look, there, see it?) His new place to hang and watch his kingdom. two seconds later when he realized I was taking pictures.

Ta DAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Yay to EVERYONE who backed up my crazy of “yep, it ain’t there sister” and to karen who backed me up on the crazy of “…. um except in Safari…..” Ewokmama, L-Squared, Sarcastic Mom, Natalie and Kelly O who patiently used small words that after a day soaked through my head to make me go …. OH they mean go edit my CSS code and insert an image like I.. Read More

Award Day!

Heidi at Hydes Like Us has designed her own award and I’m one of the lucky inaugural recipients! (cue crowd cheering here) I’m going to pass this along to my inspirations from my Thanksgiving Day post: (cue the crowd doing the wave here – watch for your turn!) My Sleepless Nights The Fruit Basket Ducks Mahal Kelson Krew and the crowd goes wild!!!!! yay!!!!! Happy Saturday all y’all!!!!!

Blog Housekeeping

Happy Friday! Just touching base – – If I’m on your blogroll and you aren’t on mine, it’s an oversight on my part. Let me know and I’ll fix it – I’m still keeping with my original blogroll philosophy. – To my lurkers – say hello and I’ll come read your blog. Luvs ya. – This week, Alex probably thinks his middle name is NO! As in Alex NO! Which.. Read More

Friendship Award

I got this award from Mrs. Flipphead – which is really humbling to me because she’s spent a whole lot of time talking me out of my crazy tree created by the head baby of Camp Sleep is for Losers. This week, this award is meant for two people. Which isn’t to say that they are the *only* two who I want to give this to, but this week, it’s.. Read More

7 Things Meme

Got tagged, twice which was funny, because I’d been thinking of answers to this meme – then got tagged and promptly forgot about all the genius things I’d thought of to say. Here are the rules: 1 – Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog. 2 – Share seven random and/or weird things about yourself. 3 – Tag seven random people at the.. Read More

Tainted Love

Last week I read this post, which was entertaining and aggravating because we’ve all been there, it totally sucks when you get stuck next to someone anal on an airplane. I clicked the link in the post … and when I saw what the link was about I got icky cold shivers and clicked away. And then I got curious and I clicked back. Then I put my fingers in.. Read More

Cheapa$$ part two

Oh here we go! Now I’ll break it down (stop! hammer time!) 4 dollar peg rack from Michaels that I painted – sucky part was that it didn’t come with hanging brackets on the back so we had to hammer tiny little nails into the back to hold on the brackets. Redneck bumper pad. Alex keeps backing out of the crib and he can’t figure out how to pull his.. Read More