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The other rock bottom

(This is a compensated post, but it is on topic from what I’ve been talking about this week.) My second year of teaching was awful. It was also my first year married to Scout. We were unhappy in our jobs and unable to be happy about anything else. I’d been feeling the stirrings of depression. The claws sinking into my life. The corners of the house becoming more and more.. Read More

The Importance of a Properly Fitting Bra

Look, it can make or break your look. I love the statistics of how so many women are wearing the wrong size bra, and then it never fails I get some idiot fitter who keeps telling me I can go up in the band to compensate for my cup size just so they can make a sale when they don’t carry my actual size. Even when trying to find a.. Read More

Letter to my body

I once looked at the curve of your thigh and remarked to my mother, “I think I’m going to have your thighs.” She shot back, “You keep eating cookies the way you do and you’ll have YOUR thighs.” I resisted your blooming shape, I was ashamed of any but the whitest, simplest bras to cover you. I didn’t understand how you grew. I missed when growing up turned into growing.. Read More

HSG test?

*if you found this through a search engine, please read the comments, I hope you find them helpful and best of luck to you. if you have anything add, please feel free to add your own thoughts* Below is from my friend who had the miscarriage. If you’ve had this test, would you comment on it – anything I could pass on to her… ” Ok. So I have been.. Read More

Mrs. Flinger – better than the gym

Last Monday, I started really focusing on losing the baby weight – thanks to her getting a team together to try and lose the pounds together. I did great right off the bat, then, it rained for three days, it’s now red tent week, and the 2 scoops of ice cream I had last night were. totally. worth. it. Scout and I once joined a gym. It did not begin.. Read More

Supporting the Sisterhood

I didn’t hit the Mofo Delurk day too hard yesterday because I knew I had this on tap and I wanted to bribe all my lurkers to come out and play today, so pretend like today is yesterday and delurk for me mmkay? Lovesyah. I wrote about my sisterfriend here. I’m looking to help her out. She’s 3 weeks into the nursing thing, well into the OMGWTF indoctrination of it.. Read More

Semi Naked Blogging

I come from a long line of non breast feeders. (I’d love it if you’d check out that link and post a response – I’m still curious if my theory is right) Before November 2006 I had no intention of breastfeeding Alex. I was completely skeeved out by the idea of a baby sucking on my boobs. I had two friends who had felt the same way and they’d pumped.. Read More

Bare Naked Blogging

(You may have noticed the new little “Facebook Sucks” icon over to the right. Click the button and see what you think for yourself. This latest campaign is what prompts this post.) I have one SIL (Mrs. Deacon) who will nurse anywhere, without covering up. She’s also tiny and so subtle about it that I’ve been in the room with her and didn’t realize she was doing it. My other.. Read More

A month of pink

Happy October! Happy Breast Cancer awareness month! This is one of those issues that I should be more passionate about. I should be more in tune in my own life and I should work through things that might contribute to the health of my breasts (all kinds of body image hurt will come spewing forth tomorrow). The women in my family have a history of breast cancer and heart problems… Read More

Tuesday’s Tatas

Bra shopping was a complete success. Mrs. Forbes and I entered the store with our two strollers and watched business come to an immediate halt as the baby gushing began. I browsed the drawer for my size and pulled out five that seemed like likely candidates. This bra was the only winner. I got it in blue, it’s so pretty. I had them go look for anything else that might.. Read More

How to clean out a pantry

18 months ago, I started a diet plan recommended by my brother Forbes (no, I’m not mentioning it by name, they aren’t paying me, and I’ve free whored enough stuff this week). Number one on the list of things to do was clear out the high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated blah-b’blah from the house. I ended up with a small pile of offenders on the countertop. On the countertop.. Read More

Workin’ a nerve

*This post is going to be all about boobs. In keeping with my prior entries, please go check this out. She’s my new hero.* I have boobs. Big boobs. I could share boobs with each of my readers and still not end up flat chested. Pregnancy and nursing, not doing me any favors. I get really pissed off when I have to go bra shopping. I also get really pissed.. Read More

Fitness Friday – for Flinger

Oh alliteration, you are SO much fun! (The Flinger reference is for her.) Knowing that I was due to deliver in April, it was safe to say that I had no expectations of being in my normal two piece by summer. (To explain, I buy 2 pieces b/c my top and bottom are so out of proportion to each other that I don’t normally have much of a choice in.. Read More