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Puppy Boy

I know I’ve declared that all I have to be is me. Days like today, there isn’t enough me. Today Alex needed played and played hard. He kept trying to jump on me. He wanted on my shoulders. “Baby, I can’t do that.” “Daddy can do it.” “I know baby, but Mommy can’t. He wanted to wrestle. He wrestled his teddy bear. (He also gave the teddy bear pretend milk.. Read More

Another goodbye

This is one of those, “I tell you this story to get to another” kind of things. (again, this could be titled Hey look, Dawn’s talkin’ about death again!) no no… come back… come back! Okay. Here we go. I was a grandpa’s girl. From the time I was born until he died – grandpa’s girl. Which was fitting as my mom was his girl as well. His body gave.. Read More

How Many Signs Would You Like?

(alternate title: Where Dawn mentions death, yet again.) This happened in 2006, one year to the day after my Grandma died. It was one of those dates that made me go ‘huh, I remember this day last year’ – not something that I was wearing all black for and making a big deal of. (high school graduation. 1933) But ya know, I think we all hope for signs or whatev,.. Read More

Accidentally AP

Before I had Alex, I didn’t even know such a thing as “Attachment Parenting” existed. Apparently it’s my parenting style though, as he sleeps in our bed (cuz it’s easier on me), I carry him in a wrap instead of a stroller (cuz it’s easier on me), and I’ll nurse him as long as it works for me (cuz I’m a cheap ass and don’t want to buy formula or.. Read More

Perfect Post Award – March

March was hard. I ran on dread and adrenaline the entire month. And then it was suddenly over. A jarring, sickening, slamming of the breaks, wind knocked out of you, over. All month, this singular post “A Father’s Love” from Jenni at Just Chicken Feed gave me strength. When I could find no words of prayer from my own heart, she gave me the words. “Lord, it is your will.. Read More

Weekly Winners

More of Lotus’ WW here. 2 generations. 4 generations. I want him back. How do I do this without him? And just to give you a laugh, if you haven’t read my guest post over at Sunshine’s about some of his quirks, be sure to check it out.

I Heard The Crow Call My Name

Well, it didn?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t go all ?¢‚Ǩ?ìwitchypoo, witchypoo?¢‚Ǩ¬ù because crows? They don?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t talk like that. No, this crow, this crow Came. Just. For. Me. That?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s how dramatic it was, with a capital letter full stop each word. Scenario: Bus stop. Two people plus one average, everyday, witchypoo. Minding our own bidness, because that is how to best get along at a bus stop. No asking them what they bought at the.. Read More

Pillow talk, or romance isn’t dead — it’s just very, very sick

Pssst. Is she gone yet? Is the coast clear? Whooohoooo. Party at Dawn’s place, hosted by yours truly, Janet! Usually, I hang out in my own universe … on the Planet of Janet, with the Wonderhubby and my daughter, the Roo-girl (13), and my stepdaughter, J-bear (17). I have three older sons as well, but they don’t live at home and are not germaine to today’s story. Anyway, Dawn gave.. Read More

Lotus: HoF’oSho

Ya’ll have met my Loter right? The uber Sarcastic Mom? What? She doesn’t splay her limbs out seductively for you? Just me? Right on. Just as it should be! Well. My girl is having a run of luck that is more like a run of suck, and I’m not talking suck of a fun kind of time (such as a GLOW JOB) I’m talking a moldy, haywire thyroid, rock/hard place/monsoon/typhoon/threesome.. Read More

More Great Toys

I’m a sucker, what can I say, but these are just great. Alex loves his grapes. 🙂 (Does that sound unintentionally dirty to anyone else?)

For the Love of Sara

In graduate school, I had a better half. Her name was Elizabeth (snicker). Elizabeth always had my back when it came to my men, my grades and my temper. She held my hand through tests, career choice, national boards, moving, my first real job. Elizabeth took care of my day to day nonsense and kept me from saying what I really thought to some choice teachers who I would have.. Read More

My favo(u)rite things

It’s possible I’ve been a tad too serious here for a bit. So today I bring you my totally frivolous “My Favo(u)rite Things” post. Fave Christmas Album John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together. Sometimes surprisingly good music mixed in with the hilarious Miss Piggy questioning, “Piggy Pudding?!” Followed by the assurance of, “FIGGY Pudding, made with figs … and bacon.” Fave Coffee Fixin’ We have a ton of.. Read More