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Achoo Friday

No “Box in a Box” Lotus says it will not work I say you should try (I saw this idea at The Bloggess yesterday … and Lotus, I made this sweater just for you.)

The preppy crowd

(There are many things that this particular post is NOT meant to be, such as: mean spirited, sour grapes, bitter or petty. The things that I ask should be read with a “no really, I’m curious, and want to know your opinion” tone of voice, not a “why the eff would you ever do something like that” tone of voice. Just something to keep in mind as you read.) In.. Read More

Top Five Reasons to Wear a Baby

Yes this post is shameless. 5. If you wrap it right you don’t have to wear anything under it. No I’m not showing you photos. 4. You get two hands back when your baby is tiny and will. not. let. you. put. him. down. (Personal experience, and the EXACT reason I got my first wrap) 3. Carry that baby, lose that baby weight. 2. It’s one more tool in the.. Read More

How to make my husband fall in love with me

again and again and again. He’d been away on an overnight trip for work that involved some hella long hours and stress in a part of the state not particularly known for its culture nor class. As he was putting away groceries I noticed he was putting away some American Beer*. I gasped in shock. Me: Scout, you were away TOO LONG! What happened to you?! WHY did you buy.. Read More

Alex Year One Bloggy Goodness

Oh, I’m gettin’ motivated, my bloggy friends. Thing one: I have thought of my own little bloggy fun to have over here – anyone like making bling buttons? I have nothing to give but my thanks and total credit for the bling making, but someday when I have something to give – I will give it to you. AND you also get to know my hotshot (snicker, yeah right) idea.. Read More

Meme, by Alex

Yo, bitchez, it’s me, Alex. Mah mom is off crying in the corner like some pansy ass pansy because, “she ain’t got no sleepy in a while” and I, apparently talk like I ain’t got no edumakashun … I got tagged by Amy’s Kim to do this meme. The Rules Of The Meme: Each player makes a list of eight random facts/habits about themselves. At the end of your list,.. Read More

Courses of Study + Pay it Forward

(First off – can anyone look at my source code and tell me what I need to do to move the “Alex Year One” down so it’s not cut off? I really don’t know what I breathed on to move it, so I don’t even know where to begin hunting and pecking to see what will fix it.) I nabbed a tag from Secret Agent Mama for this one: Rules:.. Read More


It’s dark My arms and legs are so cold My middle is warm My neck hurts My back hurts So bad I can’t get relief I can’t change position I lay my face in your hair My knee never stops bouncing   I am so tired   This moment is painful But I will hold it close Because it’s better than the moment I threw the rejected pacifier in anger.. Read More

Haiku Friday

    Blogging in my mind While I should be sleeping How hopeless am I? (Thank you, bow, thank you, never again will I ‘ku, but I thought of this while I was …. yeah… not sleeping.)

HiB recall

FYI folks, doesn’t look to be anything to lose sleep over, but good to know anyway: HiB Vac recall

…. the reason for your sneezin’

So reading Mary Alice’s post reminded me of a verbal faux pas I made once upon a time. I had a friend named Lin, and friend named Chris Payson. Now Lin and Chris were rather quiet, wallflower kind of people. They never caused any scandal or any gossip within the group (unlike the rest of us.)?Ǭ† These friends shocked the socks off us when they unexpectedly hooked up one night.. Read More