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Why air travel sucks

1. Southwest airlines. Used to love ’em now they are crackerfied. 2. Inconsistent verification. Took birth certificate with us to Houston – no one wanted to see it. So we didn’t bring it this time. Got lectured that we need to have it. Too bad, it’s 70 miles away from us. 3. TSA. Apparently I can be stripped of all metal and the concern is my kid’s faux crocs. Must.. Read More


We’re going to have to upsize the carseat soon. Which sucks, because I’m still not over the trauma of installing the first one. We put the car seat bases in the vehicles at about Week 34. Not because we thought we would need them in the next few days, just because we were out of decent storage space in the house for 2 bases, a carseat and a stroller. Might.. Read More

Post Traumatic Christmas Disorder – Wednesday/Thursday Review

Plan A – Last Wednesday Get up, pack the car, meet a friend for lunch (haven’t seen her in 13 years, she lives in San Fran but was in state seeing relatives), get on the road for Mimi’s house (my mom). The reality (take a deep breath and read without taking a new breath, that is what the morning felt like.) Get up, start packing the car, get Alex dressed,.. Read More

Travel and stuff….

So while I’m virtually sitting vigil with Lotus while she waits for John to make his way through the heinous flight schedule he has – I get this email from my mom: Since it was about 70 degrees yesterday, the SNOW is melting when it hits the ground. And I laughed. Actually I’m still laughing. I’m giggling. I can’t help it. It just so ridiculous!

Oh irony!

So yesterday I spazzed over not getting to read people, and ya’ll assured me that I was still loved and to pull my head out of my ass and stuff like that. Irony is that yesterday, I was 3 hits away from my best day ever on the blog – traffic wise. Which I think I just really, really funny. PPD Watch – day two – much better – the.. Read More

Little Milestones

(Oh, gentle reader, if you are a hard core CIO parent or if your kids have really, truly never slept in your bed and co-sleepers make you crazy – I beg you – please go read the archives today – because this post will totally make you itch and you’ll hurt yourself rolling your eyes, and I don’t want you to hurt yourself. This is all about me wanting to.. Read More

Dear readers of mommy’s blog,

Kaiser Alex here. Just wanted to let you know that Operation Break Parental Unit’s Spirit is working swimmingly! I have steadily sleep deprived mommy and daddy all week long – letting them have a tiny bit of sleep until the middle of the night, when I decide I need to keep telling them I love them feed me dammit! I’m in a growth spurt here, can’t you SEE?!? I have.. Read More

I’m gonna be a supah-model

Scout and the Kaiser and I are going to go have family photos taken today. By a real (expensive) live (expensive) studio (expensive) photographer. Why? Well, I went to my favorite crunchy granola mommy store and she had gift cards for a free sitting fee with them. A three hundred dollar value. Seriously. But… Scout and I have never had a professional photo taken … the Kaiser has really great.. Read More

Here’s yer sign pt 2

Here for the Memarie Lane scavenger hunt? In the comments put your guess of boy or girl, then head on over to see Mary Alice 🙂 Entry Number One This is from when I was pregnant: When we went for our sonogram they asked a load of questions as well – including if we were there as a result of an accident. I started laughing, the desk person (who was.. Read More

Looking to next week

So. It was a banner week here at Camp Sleep is for Loozah’s, record traffic from beginning to end. Largely, I’m sure in part with Mofo Delurk Day which got me out of my Turkey Lurky ways of not commenting b/c there were either too many comments already or I just didn’t think I had anything interesting to add to the conversation – and I actually stopped by and said.. Read More

Baby Food

So, even though I’ve read time and again that babies really are better off on exclusive breast milk till 6 months old, and I really prefer this idea over the whole tiny bits of packaged and mushy food (have I mentioned how much I *hate* mushy food?) when our pediatrician said we could start giving Alex food at 4 months we went straight to the grocery store. See, I’m barely.. Read More